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Spiritual Tours of Egypt - Don't Just Dream About an Egypt Tour

Spiritual Egypt Tours That Visit Many Sites Privately and Exclusively When They are Closed For Other Tourists

Spiritual Tour to Egypt Egypt Spiritual Journey of a Lifetime Group

Spiritual Egypt Tours That Explore the Archaeology, Mystery, Magic and Spiritual History of Ancient Egypt With Expert Egyptologists and Spiritual Guides

Standing Between the Paws of the Sphinx at Dawn Makes a Tour of Egypt Memorable

Standing Between the Paws of the Sphinx at Dawn Makes Spiritual Egypt Tours Memorable

You can do it all on one of our spiritual Egypt tours.  We have Egypt spiritual tours and Egypt holiday packages that are designed to allow you to see and experience as much as you can while you are in Egypt.

Right now is the right time to do a spiritual tour to Egypt from Australia and New Zealand. Egypt is once again open for business and welcoming back tourists.  Despite what you may hear on the news or what public opinion thinks, Egypt is a country that is perfectly safe to travel to especially if you travel to Egypt with a reputable tour company who knows and understands Egypt Tourism and the tourist attractions in Egypt.

With all the upheaval in the world that we see reported on all the news channels and read on the internet, we are being prompted to think and do things differently. Old ways of thinking and doing things are just not working the way they used to. Many people are struggling to keep up with the pace of change.  Many people are looking for something to make a difference in their life.

WELCOME to Spiritual Egypt Tours and our
Luxury Holistic Egypt Holidays….

Here at Spiritual Egypt Tours, we have a solution for taking back control of your life. Why not take one of our spiritual tours of Egypt or Egypt holidays.  While you have lots of fun, rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit, you will, at the same time, make the changes you want to make in your life.  Our spiritual Egypt tours are run in conjunction with leading international Life Coach, trainer, author and astrologer Rhonnda Fritz of The Coaching Muse.

 Click the Video Below to Learn More About Us and the Egypt Tours That we Offer to Our Guests Each Year.

We are experts who specialise in spiritual tours of Egypt.  We have been running our successful and extra special Egypt tours for the last 7 years.  We also take our guests on luxury tours of Jordan.

Explore Many Sites With Exclusive Private Access Visits When They Are Closed to the Public

Spiritual Tours of Egypt Group at Great Pyramid

Spiritual Egypt Tours Group at DashurChange Your Life  at the Same Time.

Be Pampered in 5 Star Luxury
Rejuvenate Your Body,
Mind and Spirit

Spiritual Egypt Tours specialises in bringing the spiritual, cultural and archaeological history of Egypt to life for our guests.  We have put together itineraries and experiences that guarantees the best spiritual tours of Egypt and Egypt holidays in general.

An Egypt Spiritual Journey Brings the Tourist Attractions of Egypt Magically to Life and Our Holistic Luxury Spiritual Tours of Egypt and Egypt Holidays Are Packed With Exciting Places to See and Amazing Things to Experience 

Our Spiritual Egypt tours are designed to be holistic and focussed on wellness that allows you to reconnect to your inner self all while you are enjoying yourself and having fun with like minded friends.  Once you learn how to connect to this source, it catapults you into the direction of fulfilling your greatest life goals.

Now of course you don’t need to travel half way around the world in order to that.  But research has shown that it is easier to make changes in your life when you are outside the boundaries of your everyday life.  Sometimes all it takes is a holiday to give you a new perspective on your life.

Anyone who has done a tour of Egypt that touched their soul will tell you about the special and unique powerful energy that they felt while they were in Egypt.  The ancient Egyptian priests and pharaohs had secret knowledge and were experts in the power of the mind and healing techniques.   Through our expert Egyptologists and coaches, who know about the secret knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians, you will learn how to tap into this knowledge and make changes to your thinking and attitudes if you so choose.  This will enable you to live your life the way you want to on your own terms .

Our Spiritual Tours of Egypt and Egypt holidays Allow You to Experience Egypt on a Deeper Level Whether You are Spiritual or Not.

Our spiritual Egypt tours are designed to appeal to everybody.   It is quite common for people who are not spiritual or even interested in metaphysical subjects to join one of our spiritual tours of Egypt.   We bring the magic of ancient Egypt to life and more often than not it is our non spiritual tour guests who are affected more deeply by the hidden energy of Egypt.   Our Egyptologists and tour leaders are highly experienced at making everyone in the group feel comfortable and are experts at using the ancient knowledge of the ancient Egyptians to enhance the experience our tour guests have while they are in Egypt.

Play the inspirational video below.   The words were inspired by a sunrise visit to the Sphinx Enclosure.  As I was standing between the paws of the Sphinx this was the message I had.  The video was recorded a few years ago but it is still current today.

Egypt Tours and Egypt Holidays Are On the Rise Again!  Spiritual Tours of Egypt are the Best Way to Really Discover Egypt Because You Are Able to Connect Strongly to the Energy.

Click on the Video Below to Discover Some of What You Will Experience on Our Extra Special Journey of a Lifetime Retreat Egypt Holiday

Spiritual Tours of Egypt Take Travelling to Egypt to the Next Level of Exotic Adventure and Experience!

Spiritual Egypt Tours Retreat Tour of Egypt 2014 Tour Guests Exploring Egypt

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Spiritual Tours of Egypt What our Previous Guests Have to Saw About out Spiritual Tours of Egypt

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How’s Your Life Right Now? Could You Do With a Holiday to Recharge and Renew Yourself?

Spiritual Tour of Egypt Hows Your Life Right Now Spiritual Tours of Egypt Hows Your Life Going
  • When was the last time that you took time out of your busy schedule to think about YOU and what it is you want for yourself?

Would you like to know how to BREAK FREE and catapult your life into an exciting new direction where all your impossible dreams can come to fruition?


Would you like to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime and at the same time take the opportunity to change your current thinking and gain a heightened level of awareness and return home refreshed and ready to live the life of your dreams?

If you answered YES, then I have an exciting opportunity for you to break away from your daily life for 18 fabulous days filled with excitement, adventure, relaxation, laughter and wonderment on one of our Egypt spiritual tours;  journeys that are designed to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

“Let Me Introduce You to an Opportunity of a Lifetime That Could Change Your Life!”

Rhonnda Fritz Your Tour Leader and Life Coach

Rhonnda Fritz Your Tour Leader and Life Coach. Do You Want to Change Your Life? I Can Help. Ask Me How…..

“Come with me on one of my luxury spiritual Egypt tours.  Discover all the magic and mystery that is Egypt and along the way you will be empowered and rejuvenated giving your life the kick start that you are looking for.  
Explore the tourist attractions and spirituality of Ancient Egypt and tap into the river of powerful energy that still flows through this wonderful land.  We visit many of the sites at times when they are closed to the public so you will have the opportunity to explore in ways that most people who visit Egypt never experience.”


Egypt Whispers to Your Soul on
Spiritual Tours to Egypt …
Spiritual Egypt Tours Group at Philae Temple

 Summary of What You Will Experience as You Travel Through Ancient Egypt with Spiritual Egypt Tours on Your Own Personal Egypt Spiritual and Wellness Journey During Our Egypt Holiday

  • Sail the Nile on a luxury privately owned dhahabeya for 8 days visiting the temples along the Nile River
  • Discover Abu Simbel at Dawn
  • Visit the temples in Aswan and Luxor including The Temple of Sekhmet at Karnak (which is not open to the general public), Luxor Temple, Dendera Temple, dedicated to Hathor the goddess of abundance, love and joy, The beautiful temples of Abydos,
  • Discover the Temple of Edfu that is dedicated to the God Horus,
  • Explore Kom Ombo Temple, the only temple that is dedicated to two Gods – Sobek the Crocodile God of strength,  fortitude, fertility and rebirth and Horus, the hawk-headed son of Isis and Osiris. 
  • Enjoy the Temple of Philae dedicated to Isis, the great Mother and Esna Temple dedicated to the God Khumn.
Spiritual Tours of Egypt Don't Just Imagine it
  • Visit many of these temples privately when they are closed to the public.
  • Explore the tombs in the Valley of the Kings including the Funerary Temple of the female pharaoh Hatshepsut to which we will make a pilgrimage at Dawn.
  • Discover the pyramids at Dashur and Sakkara and visit the newly restored Serapheum at Sakkara that houses the Tombs of the Appis Bulls. 
  • Explore the Cairo Museum and marvel at the treasures of King Tutankhamun as well as thousands of other artefacts of Ancient Egypt.
  • Get lost in the streets and alleyways of old Cairo with your experienced guide
  • But especially… stand between the paws of the mighty Sphinx at Giza and watch the first rays of the rising Sun light up its magnificent face. This is a very special moment that is experienced by only the chosen few.
Spiritual Tours of Egypt You Deserve This Experience
  • Explore the Pyramids of Giza when they are closed to the public and experience a very special 2 hour guided meditation in the Kings Chamber and the Queens Chamber 
  • Each Journey is different and many surprises are added to the itinerary along the way
  • Be pampered in 5 star luxury at the famous Mena House Hotel in Giza and the Sonesta St George Hotel in Luxor
  • Most of your meals are included as well as all air travel within Egypt.
  • Many opportunities to experience the real modern day Egypt and to also go shopping if you so wish.
  • Program of inspirational lectures, workshops and meditations to rejuvenate your body, mind & spirit
  • and so much more……

 Spiritual Tours of Egypt It Could Be the Turning Point of Your Success


All you need to do is get yourself to Cairo and we will take over from there the moment you land. We even assist you with your flights to Cairo so that you travel with the rest of the group.  

Call us to find out how you can join one of our spiritual tours to Egypt and take this Journey of a Lifetime Holistic Retreat Tour through Egypt this year.

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 We look forward to you joining us on one of our Spiritual Tours of Egypt and Experiencing Our Unique Egypt Holidays