A Night Visit to the Cairo Museum – Spiritual Tour to Egypt – The Egypt Travel Journal of Carla & John Part 8

We’ve just come back from visiting the Cairo Museum.   I was feeling a little tired after the trip to Sakkara but nothing was going to keep me from exploring the Cairo Museum at night after it was closed for the day.   I’ve read so much about this place and wanted to know if the stories of strange happenings in the Museum were true.

During the day, Cairo looks tired and dusty as you would with so much of the desert around you.  But at night Cairo sparkles.  There are lights everywhere – even some cars had lights strung around them.  Not exactly something you would see in Australia.   The traffic is chaotic even at night but it is a polite orderly chaos if you can imagine that.  

I’ve seen many pictures of the Cairo Museum with its orange/pink coloured exterior.  The building is truly beautiful.  We walked into the Museum and immediately I could sense the magic contained within.    We explored the ground floor first with our guide who is in fact a highly qualified and experienced Egyptologist and saw the Rosetta Stone from which they were able to decipher the Ancient Egyptian Heiroglyphics and saw towering stone statues that were lit with eirie yellow light.   Then it was up to the second floor to the famous Tutankhamun collection of priceless treasures.    I was not prepared for the onslaught of so many artefacts and there are still more in storage in the Museum and on loan throughout the world as well as the collection in England that Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon helped themselves to.   The furniture was beautifully carved and painted with lots of gold and royal blue everywhere.   The collection even includes items of clothing and shoes for him to wear on his voyage through the underworld on his way back home.  

But the most staggering piece in the collection is the gold death mask.  I have seen so many pictures of this mask but nothing compares to standing in front of it only inches from it and seeing its incredible detail and awe inspiring beauty.   Even better because our group was alone in the Cairo Museum, I had the mask all to myself and was able to examine it from all angles at my leisure.

After visiting King Tut we ventured through some statues from the Old Kingdom and then paid a visit to the Mummy Room.    It’s just incredible how the Ancient Egyptians were able to preserve their dead by embalming them. What did they need to learn in order to have such success that these Mummies are still viable after thousands of years.   The skills they must have had in order to remove the internal organs in such a way as to keep them intact.   The Ancient Egyptians were truly an interesting civilisation.

After our guided tour we were able to explore the museum on our own.   Somehow John and I got separated and I found myself completely alone walking down a long hall with huge statues on either side.   I kept hearing footsteps behind me but each time I turned around the footsteps stopped and there was no-one there.  The hairs were standing up on the back of my neck and as I continued to walk and explore this part of the Museum I began to  feel very  frightened. 

But then suddenly I felt faint and I leaned against a statue and as I did so, this incredible calmess came over me.   But strangely, when I next looked at my watch, I realised that 10 minutes had gone by without me realising it and even more strangely, I realised that I was no longer standing in the same place.  I was now next to a completely different statue.   Well as you can imagine I was a little freaked out and I made my way back to the rest of the group as quickly as I could.   When John saw me he became alarmed because apparently my face was white.   

I talked to our guide about what had happened to me and he didn’t seemed surprised at all.  He told me that many strange unexplained incidences have occurred in the Cairo Museum over the years.   He explained that all these artefacts were never meant to be together.   They each have their own energy that was unique to where they were built in the desert sands and when they were moved the energy shifted.  Consequently when all the artefacts come together it creates a new energy field that should never have been created.   But he said to me “aren’t you lucky to have been given such a special experience by the Ancients”.  I had to agree with him.

Thousands of people visit the Museum daily and I can just imagine what it must be like being herded through the Museum in your allotted time for the tour – jostling for space to view the artefacts.   How lucky our group was to be able to explore this incredible place at night when it was closed to the public with freedom to roam through the halls having our very own “Night at the Museum” (ref the movie) experience.  If you ever get the opportunity to do this you must take it because it is a truly awe inspiring experience.  But you will need to be quick because they are building a new museum under the sands in Giza.  I hear that it is very beautiful but it is purpose built and modern and designed to showcase the exhibits.  I rather like the  idea of old dusty buildings for museums – but that is just me.


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