Introducing Carla – Spiritual Tour to Egypt- The Egypt Travel Journal of Carla & John Part 3

Hello I’m Carla.   I used to define myself as a housewife and mother but these days I am also a part time uni student doing an arts history degree.    I have been married to my husband John for 26 years.  We met at  uni where John was doing a degree in business administration.  I was a travel agent and was doing some part time classes in languages.   We dated for about a year and then while on a weekend away on a yacht that he had borrowed from a friend, he proposed to me, just as the sun was setting.   We were married a year later.   We have 4 great children – Justin 25, Allissa 23, Sharyn 20 and my baby Andy who is 17.

I worked for a while after we were married but when the children came along I gave up my career as a travel agent and devoted my life to looking after the children and of course John.   My life was hectic and became even more so as the children grew and I had to ferry them all over town to their various sports and after school activities.    But I loved it even though there wasn’t a lot of time in there for me.

I have a few close friends but we don’t get to see each other very often due to their career and family commitments.  But I have my family to care for and that in itself has been a full time job.

About 15 years ago John began his own marketing company.    He’s worked very hard and has provided the kids and me with a very comfortable lifestyle.  We have a 6 bedroom house overlooking Sydney harbour which is very handy because the 3 youngest are sill living at home and they love bringing their friends home.   I love John but until last year his business was his total focus.    I was lucky if I saw him 2 or 3 hours a day before he fell asleep.

Even though I had the kids and the house to take care of I wasn’t fulfilled.   Something was missing from my life.   I began meeting up more regularly with my friends and started to play tennis once a week.  Just as I was beginning to feel better I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

For a while I thought that I was suffering with the symptoms of Menapause but when the symptoms became too numerous to ignore I went to get some tests done. I then had to face the grim reality of cancer.    Such a roller coaster ride of emotions.   John was shocked and became very withdrawn which was not what I needed from him.   The kids rallied around but were also frightened about the prospect of not having me around.     Fortunately the doctors were fairly confident that with surgery and chemo I would be ok.    To my surprise John began spending more time with me and was there for me as I went into surgery and there for me every step of the way as I dealt with the side effects from the chemo.

It took a few months but I came though it. John and I would spend hours just talking to each other and it felt wonderful to have him around so much.   Suddenly it seemed that the things we used to think were important no longer were.