Egypt News – Egypt is Calling all Tourists to Return to Egypt

Right now it is early March 2012 and I am in Egypt and I wanted to bring you the latest Egypt news.  I’m living in an apartment that belongs to my Egyptian business partner, Mohamed Nazmy from Quest Travel Egypt.  It is right across the road from the pyramids of Egypt.   I can’t begin to describe how awe inspiring it is to wake up to these incredible huge edifaces each morning.   Some mornings they are shrouded in fog and dust and until the Sun burns it away, they seem almost etherial.  Other mornings, I awake to glorious sunshine and they appear to glisten.   The other morning I awoke just before daybreak and experienced a beautiful sunrise on the pyramids.

I am so fortunate to have many Egyptian friends so I tend to get well and truly off the beaten track that toursists tend to tread.  I mix with the locals.  I shop where they shop and have been invited to many local events.   I came to Egypt for a few weeks to put the finishing touches to my incredible tour of Egypt that is taking place in December this year.  But I also wanted to see first hand how things were in Egypt 12 months after the revolution and to bring my people the latest Egypt news.

Since being here, I have been travelling all over Cairo and have spent several hours of many days in the centre of Cairo close to Tahrir Square shopping with my friends.     Life has generally returned to normal for the Egyptian people.   It is like we are done, it’s over, let’s get on with the business of living and creating a new democratic Egypt.

Sure there are still groups that come together to protest from time to time in Tahrir Square but the authorities simply close the road (Tahrir Square is actually like a big traffic island in the middle of the road which kind of surprised me when it was first pointed out to me a couple of years ago) divert the traffic and leave them to it.  Egypt is not alone, there are protests happening all over the world right now – people are not happy with the decisions that Governments are thrusting upon them without consultation in most cases.

The Egyptian people have moved on from the events of 2011 and it is time that the media and the rest of the world do the same.   They are moving towards a new democratic Egypt and after 30 odd years without it, the people have to learn just exactly what that means and how to bring it about and that takes time.   Egypt is learning to govern in a democratic way and unfortunately until the government gets it right the people of Egypt are going to let them know just exactly what they want and expect of them.

There are now a few tourists visible in Cairo and every day from my apartment window  I see several tour buses lined up in the parking lot for the pyramids but no where near the hundreds that used to park there every day in the past.  But this will come again.

For me, Egypt is very much the same way it was before the revolution as far as the energy goes.   From the point of view of the tourist there is no point staying away.   The unrest that does occur from time to time takes place a long way from the tourist sites and the hotels where Spiritual Egypt Tours has our guests stay while they are in Egypt.  Egypt is as safe as it ever was and in fact now is the perfect time to visit because there are not a lot of tourists at the sites.    I was out at Sakkara just the other day and it was deserted which allowed me to sit amd meditate in the ruins of the mystery school created by Imhotep and to climb the 7 stairs to enlightenment and to tap into that incredible ritual.   Usually there would be hundreds of tourists everywhere because Sakkara is on the main tourist trail which is why on my tours we usually visit Sakkara privately at a time when it is not open to the public.

Soon after I arrived here, I ventured downtown into the area where there is a huge fabric market that has the most beautiful curtain fabrics.   I was looking for tassles and tie backs for curtains back home.    This part of town is a place where tourists rarely go and there isn’t a lot of English spoken so I had an interpreter with me.   In the place where I eventually tracked down what I was looking for, the store holder was so welcoming and through my interpreter he asked me “Why is it that you are not like the rest of the tourists and afraid of coming to Egypt”   I looked at him and could think of no good answer apart from “What is there to fear?”   He said to me “There is nothing to fear – even during the revolution there was nothing to fear but many tourists thought that they were unsafe.   We Egyptians love the tourists because we learn from them and like to share our beautiful country and its history with them”   He then went on to thank me for coming back to Egypt and for not being afraid and to go back home and tell others to come because they will be made very welcome.

In Australia we have around 22 million people.   That is the population of Cairo alone.   I have travelled from one side of Cairo to the other which takes on average on a good traffic day about 3.5 hours – longer on a bad day.   Cairo is the 3rd largest city inf the world.   During the revolution, out at Giza where the pyramids and Sphinx are, if you didn’t have CNN on, you didn’t even know that it was happening.   It wasn’t until the Army came out and closed the site that the people of Giza became involved.

But even with the sites of Egypt closed during the revolution there was one tour company in Egypt who was still guiding tourists through Egypt and visiting the sites.  That Company was Quest Travel and it is Quest Travel who I work with exclusively in Egypt.   Even during a revolution they were able to make magic happen and give their tour guests the tour of Egypt of a lifetime.

If you are on your spiritual path and have always wanted to come to Egypt and do a tour of Egypt or if you have already been to Egypt and want to return, then this is the tour you are definitely going to want to be part of.   Many of the sites we visit we will be visiting privately when they are closed to the public.  We will be visiting at wonderful times of the day like Dawn and Evening.   It is luxury all the way with the services of expert Egyptologists and Guides.   There will also be lectures and lots opportunities for guided mediations in the sites.

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