Exciting Luxor – Day 3 – Spiritual Tour to Egypt – The Egypt Travel Journal of Carla & John Part 9

I am truly amazed at how healthy and happy Carla is.  Yesterday we ventured into the chamber of the Red Pyramid at Dashur and I have to admit that once I’d taken a few photos and allowed myself to notice what was around me,  I began to feel a calmness.  I even sat in on the meditation and actually felt myself being transported to another world as I followed the words of the guide.  I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed the experience.   I’ve always thought that meditation was something new age hippies indulged in but this experience really was an eye opener for me.    Carla has been telling me now for ages that there is more around me to see, feel and experience than I am aware of.  Perhaps she is right – we shall see.  But from the way Carla is smiling, my sister’s advice to check out spiritual tours to Egypt was exactly the right thing for Carla.

This morning we took an Egyptair internal flight to Luxor.    Our tour guide took care of everything like tickets and luggage for us – all we had to do was get on the plane.   Once we landed, our modern tour bus transported us to the private Dhahabeya named The Afandina.  Dhahabeyas have travelled the Nile for thousands of years.  It is said that the famous Queen Cleopatra and Julius Caesar conceived their son on a journey up the Nile River on a luxury Dhahabeya.

We unpacked and explored this truly beautiful boat.   This is the part of the tour to Egypt that I have been looking forward to.   She has two sails to help her glide through the blue water of the Nile and yes the water of the Blue Nile River is in fact blue. The Afandina has been built in traditional style but has a steel hull to withstand the strong currents of the Nile River which I’m old can be very strong in places.   Apparently the captain has been sailing the Nile since he was a young boy so I should imagine there is quite a lot he can tell me about sailing the Nile – one sailor to another.

This afternoon we ventured into Luxor and took a carriage ride to the markets.   So many stalls selling everything from watches, luggage, clothes, pots & pans, spices and food – you name it and it was there.   Our guide was with us and he taught us the basics of bartering.   Egypt commerce thrives on the bartering concept.   Inevitably the first price will be wildly expensive but that is part of the game.  You need to counter with a ridiculous low price and you then meet somewhere in the middle.   But with the exchange rate, prices are really cheap anyway.   I was mindful that Egyptians, just like the rest of us in the world, are simply working hard trying to make a living to feed their families.

After dinner, we travelled by coach to the Luxor Temple.    This temple is massive and you are greeted by an avenue of Sphinxes and towering statues of Rameses II.  Our guide was actually born in the temple and I was surprised to learn that there was a time when people lived within the walls of the Luxor temple complex.   There was so much to see and so much to learn.  Our guide was a well of information and his passion for his birthplace was clearly evident.

Right now I am sitting on the deck of the Afandina collecting my thoughts.  All I can hear is the gentle lapping of the water against the hull.   It occurred to me that not once today was I tempted to call back home to check on the business.   Maybe there is something to be said for taking holidays in exotic locations – although Egypt is not exactly cut off from the world.  Mobile phone coverage is excellent and I’ve seen many internet cafes around.

Tomorrow we visit Karnak Temple and the Temple of Sekhmet.

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