Eye on Thoth E-Zine for Spiritual Egypt Tours Spiritual Tour to Egypt

Welcome to “Eye on Thoth” the online e-zine for Spiritual Egypt Tours.   So many people I meet have a tour to Egypt on their list of things to do but it so often falls into the “one day” category.   Many others want to experience a spiritual tour to Egypt and this is a perfect way to really tap into the energy and the memories of Ancient Egypt.

This e-zine is for everybody who has either travelled to Egypt and has memories of a tour to Egypt and in particular a spiritual tour to Egypt, wants to travel to Egypt or who just has an interest in the history and culture of Egypt.   We welcome contributions so check out the e-zine and send us an article.

We are in the process of putting the latest ezine together so watch this space and in the meantime you can check out past issues on our Newsletters page.