Solve The Free Jigsaw Puzzle and Discover Abu Simbel

Solve The Free Jigsaw and Enjoy the Majesty of Abu Simbel in Aswan Egypt 

Abu Simbel is an iconic site that most tourists want to visit on their tour to Egypt.   Have some fun and solve the free jigsaw puzzle of Abu Simbel.   You will be able to to see how long it takes you so you can see how fast you can put the free jigsaw puzzle together.

To solve the free jigsaw puzzle, simply click on the wheel symbol and click scatter to break up the picture and start putting the free jigsaw puzzle back together.   To give you a hint as you are assembling the jigsaw puzzle, click on the ghost symbol and a ghost image of Abu Simbel will appear behind the jigsaw puzzle.  To see the image at any time, simply click on the image symbol.

Enjoy our free jigsaw puzzle and play it as often as you like to see how fast you can solve it and beat your record each time.

Abu Simbel was at risk of being destroyed in the 1960s with the building of the Aswan Dam on the Nile River. UNESO members joined together to mount a rescue project to save Abu Simbel from the rising water. The temple was dismanted, giant statues were cut into pieces and each stone was numbered. A new site was found for Abu Simbel further up the hill. A new mountain was created and the temple was returned to its former glory stone by stone. Now 5 decades later Abu Simbel is still attracting visitors to its hallowed halls and the story of how it was saved is just as iconic as the beautiful temple itself.