Tomb of Osiris Under the Giza Plateau in Egypt

The Giza Plateau stills holds many unanswered mysteries. One of the most contraversal mysteries is that of the Sphinx and how old it is. People also are asking whether it is true that there are hidden chambers under the Sphinx. There have been many tests done to determine what the Sphinx is hiding but recently a deep underground chamber was found at the end of a long corridor very close to the Sphinx. Dr Zahi Hawass believes that this hidden chamber is the lost Tomb of Osiris.

Tomb of Osiris Giza Plateau Egypt Artist Impression

When the tomb was first discovered, it was found to be full of water.    The water has now been pumped out and 3 chambers have been discovered.    In the lower level chamber they found four pillars and between the pillars hidden underwater was a sarcophagus.

Excavations and studies of the lowest level reveal that it was constructed much earlier than the other two levels (during the 18th Dynasty).  According to Egyptologist Zahi Hawass, this tomb is likely to have been the first symbolic tomb constructed at Giza in honour of Osiris who, during the New Kingdom, was known as the Lord of the Underworld.  The fact that the sarcophagus is lying in water is significant in terms of the mythology of Ancient Egypt.

Water is associated with rebirth both for the land each year with the yearly inundation of the Nile River and of the deceased as they travelled through the underworld into the afterlife.  Zahi Hawass considers that the water’s presence on the pyramid plateau, “suggests that the god Osiris protected the kings buried underneath the pyramids”.

It is deep within the ground and when it is open, can be accessed via steep ladders.    Work is ongoing in discovering more about this tomb.





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