The Valley of the Kings and Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple – Day 6 – Spiritual Tour to Egypt -Travel Journal of Carla & John Part 12

This morning on our spiritual tour to Egypt, we were up well before the Sun to travel on to the Valley of the Kings and Queens for our first stop at Queen Hatshepsut’s Funerary Temple.   Along the way we passed a field where several people were gathered waiting for the hot air balloons to be unwrapped and readied for flight.   Not something I would want to do going up in a hot air balloon but each to their own as they say.

Hatshepsut’s Temple is absolutely breathtaking and so majestic.  It nestles in a steep half circle of cliffs and has 3 levels.    The walls of the temple are covered with beautifully coloured murals detailing her travels and aspects of her life.   The guide told us that this temple is one of the most beautiful temples in Egypt as far as the architecture goes.  They say that there were once many trees and other flora surrounding the temple that Hatshepsut brought back from her travels.

She was a magnificent Queen and an exceptional Pharaoh and commissioned many beautiful buildings.  She brought much prosperity to Egypt.   But she was a woman and it was not acceptable in later times for a woman to have been so successful and especially not to have proclaimed herself as Pharaoh and so her temple was damaged and they went to great lengths to remove her name from the history of Egypt.  But magnificent women have a way of being remembered and she certainly has reclaimed her place in the history books.

Now millions of people visit her temple each year and marvel at the life of this extraordinary woman.   We watched the Sun rise and what a beautiful sunrise.  There was a lot of cloud cover so the colours in the clouds were exceptional.  But nothing ould compare to the warm vibrant colours of Hatshepsut’s Temple and the hills behind the Temple.   Our Guide was so excited because we were able to see this temple at it’s absolute most beautiful.

Greeting the Dawn at Hatshepsut Temple on our spiritual tour of Egypt

Following our visit to Hatshepsut’s Temple, we crossed over into the Valley of the Kings.    Now that is the most hot, dry desolute place that I have ever visited.   But once we went underground and visited some of the tombs, I was absolutely enthralled with the beauty that I saw.    The walls were completely covered with beautiful murals depicting the book of the dead and aspects of the life and times of the Pharaoh.    The colours were still vibrant and magnificent even after thousands of years.


What incredible beliefs and customs these Ancient Egyptians had and such love and reverence they displayed towards their dead pharaohs and actually to their dead in general.    I can’t help but wonder where the enormous wealth of gold artifacts and jewellery have ended up.    These things don’t completely disappear – they have to still be somewhere on this planet.  Can you imagine what a collection they would make if every Egyptian artifact in existence was returned to Egypt.   The museums of Egypt are already bursting at the seams without all the rest scattered throughout the world, but what a sight it would be to behold.

The tombs of  Seti I and Ramses II were my favourites because they were so colourful and richly decorated.  We visited King Tut’s Tomb but to be honest I was a little underwhelmed by it.    I can only imagine how it must have looked full of its treasure when Howard Carter first opened the tomb.

Tomb of Seti I

John was really itching to take photographs in the tombs but it isn’t allowed and rightly so.  It’s a wonder that they allow so many tourists into these precious places.  But we bought lots of postcards to remind ourselves of this really special experience.

Tomb of Ramses II

On the way back we stopped at the Colossus of Memnon.  I’d seen pictures of them standing in water so I was quite surprised to find them standing alone in a desolute field by the side of the road.

There is just so much to see and experience here in Egypt.  I have wanted to come here for years but never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine just how magnificent the journey through Egypt can be.    We are on a spiritual tour of Egypt but it isn’t a tour where John is feeling uncomfortable.  We are learning about the history of Egypt as well as the spiritual beliefs of the ancient Egyptians and along the way we are being given opportunities to discover things about ourselves.    I can feel something wonderful happening within me.   I’m feeling so open and full of optimism for my future where before I was living from day to day and believing that my cancer was in remission.  Now I know the cancer will never return – don’t ask me how I know, I just do.  It’s like the reason for its existence in my life is no longer relevant.    There is a healing magic in Egypt and for whatever reason, it has reached out to me and wrapped its power around me.  Even John is showing a softer side to himself and he is becoming so very relaxed.  His whole focus has always been business and providing for his family but maybe now after this trip he will take more time to enjoy the beauty and simplicity of living and enjoying the wealth that we have created.





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