Egypt Spiritual Tour Journey to Awakening Bonus Program

Journey of a Lifetime Egypt Spiritual Tour
Journey to Awakening Bonus Program to Enhance Your Egypt Holiday Experience

Our Egypt spiritual tour is designed to awaken and align your body, mind and spirit while you explore the sites of Ancient Egypt.   Many of the esoteric and spiritual teachings from around the world had their beginnings in the Mystery Schools of Ancient Egypt and the energy of Ancient Egypt is still very much alive in the temples and tombs even after thousands of years.  To enhance your Egypt spiritual experience, we have developed the Journey to Awakening Program and added it to the Journey of a Lifetime Egypt spiritual tour as an added bonus.

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   How’s Your Life Right Now?
Could Your Life Do With a Kickstart?
 When Was the Last Time You Took a Complete Break Away From Your Normal Routine?

Egypt Spiritual Tour Invest in Memories Not Dreams

Does the Thought of Travelling to Exotic Destinations Get You Mildly Excited?
Does Sailing Leisurely Up one of the World’s Mightiest Rivers on a Luxury Nile River Sail Boat Relaxing and Rejuvenating Your Body, Mind & Spirit Sound and Feel Appealing?

Egypt Spiritual Tour Don't Just Dream About it

If All This Looks, Sounds or Feels Appealing to You, Then We Have the Egypt Spiritual Tour Waiting For You…

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The Journey to Awakening Program is designed to assist you to become more aware of your own inner self and to be conscious of aligning and energising your body, mind and spirit.  We all have so much untapped potential that we can use to give our life more meaning.  The Journey to Awakening Program is designed to assist you to tap into your magnificent potential empowering you to be who you want to be.

Travelling through Egypt visiting all the sites and being energized on so many levels is an awe inspiring experience.  Every temple has a different energy and purpose and our spiritual tours of Egypt are designed to take advantage of the inspiring transformation that happens at an unconscious level to everybody who visits them with an open heart and mind.

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Egypt is an ancient land filled with magic and mystery and our expert guides and teachers know how to tap into the ancient energy to give you the experience of a lifetime and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit while you travel on one of our Egypt spiritual tours.

Our Egyptologists and guides know the temples extremely well and know how to interpret the messages that have been encoded into the paintings on the walls.

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You Will Tap into the Magical Energy of Egypt on our
Journey of a Lifetime Egypt Spiritual Tour

We don’t just take you on a journey through the history of Egypt where our expert egyptologists bring Egypt’s glorious past to life .  Along the way through guided meditations, lectures and exercises, we take you on an Egypt spiritual journey to discovering your inner self.


Egypt Spiritual Tour Lecture on Using Essential Oils in Giza


Discover who you are by learning about your personal astrological blueprint and uncover hidden information about your talents and skills that you can use to enhance your life. Discover many ways to enhance your life as you travel through Egypt with international executive success coach, NLP Trainer, Master Hypnotherapist and Trainer, Master Time Line Therapy™ Trainer,  writer, speaker and professional consulting astrologer, Rhonnda Fritz, on the journey of a lifetime on our Egypt spiritual tour.

Spiritual Egypt Tours Learn More About Rhonnda Fritz


As an added bonus, you will also be invited to have Rhonnda as your personal coach for 12 months after you return from Egypt if the need should arise.  Rhonnda has effectively assisted hundreds of clients and students to clear away the blockages preventing them from living the life they want and assisted them to set and reach their goals.  She has over 20 years in the self development field.

She is passionate about empowering, inspiring and transforming her clients and students because in doing so, she becomes the best version of herself and the cycle continues.


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The focus of the Journey of a Lifetime Egypt spiritual tour is exploring Egypt and the hidden mysteries and magic of the ancient Egyptians.  Along the way, we pamper you in 5 star luxury and assist you to enrich your body, mind and spirit.

Most of the time you won’t even notice that you are changing because that is the magic of the energy of Egypt.  But, once you get home after your fabulous Egypt holiday, you notice that things about you and your life are a little different all because you ventured to an exotic land and had a fabulous holiday.

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Why Do a Tour with Spiritual Egypt Tours


Travel to Egypt and join one of our Egypt spiritual tours and visit the ancient sites with private and exclusive access to many of the sites when they are closed to the general public.
Discover the richness of Egypt’s past on our Egypt holidays.

 Egypt Spiritual Tour Sunrise Through Doorway Philae Temple
While we are at these sites, you will be invited to take part in meditations and ancient healing techniques that are designed to clear away negative emotional baggage, awaken the spirit and assist you to create the life you want in all areas of your life.
Egypt Spiritual Tour Meditating at Philae Temple


If you do not want to take part don’t be concerned, it isn’t compulsory.  One of our guides will keep you company exploring the site while the rest of the group is engaged in meditation.   Our Egyptologists are a walking encyclopaedia of the history of Egypt so this tour has many layers to it and there is something in it for everybody.


Egypt Spiritual Tour You Deserve This Experience


If going to Egypt has always been a dream of yours, or, if you have been to Egypt before and you would like to return, now is exactly the right time to go.  Egypt is again welcoming tourists back to share their new renewed optimism for the future.

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Join us on Your Own Egypt Spiritual Journey on One of Our
Egypt Spiritual Tours.
Enjoy a Journey of a Lifetime Designed to Transform,
Rejuvenate and Empower
Your Body, Mind and Spirit all While You
Enjoy a Fabulous Relaxing Holiday in Egypt.

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