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Egypt is Back in the Business of Welcoming Tourists on Spiritual Tours of Egypt

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Why Not Pay The Pyramids a Visit This Year and Find out for Yourself Just How Welcoming the Egyptian People Can Be…

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In the Egyptian Summer of 2011, the people of Egypt experienced a monumental victory that heralded the dawn of a new era in the political fabric of Egypt.   Their passion and determination to make a difference has paved the way for a new Egypt where Egyptians stand together as a nation.    But this has come at a cost as tourists the world over packed their bags and left the troubled streets of Cairo and Alexandria.  But now in the aftermath, the streets have been cleaned and the people have gone back to their daily lives and now Egypt is once again opening its doors to welcome  tourists and what a welcome it has been.

Spiritual Tours of Egypt boys on the Nile RiverOf course when you travel to Egypt and mix with the Egyptian people you realise that they are a race of people who are indeed passionate and determined but they also have a generosity of spirit that knows no bounds.  


While much will change at the high end of town where the decisions are made, the magic that is the Egyptian people will not change.  Although, now when you visit this great land you will witness feelings of jubilation among the people rather than despair and frustration.  Although to the outsider looking in this may not be apparent because the enormous poverty in which the vast majority of Egyptians live has not changed.  

But much has to be done before the victory is complete.  New leaders are in place and the country is unified behind their new leader who is passionate about bringing Egypt back to being the vibrant and wealthy country it once was.

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Is it Safe to Travel in Egypt?

I am often asked whether it is safe to travel in Egypt particular as a female travelling alone.   Travelling to Egypt is extremely safe.  Once you are in Egypt, the Egyptian people are warm, hospitable and genuinely delighted to interact with us. Beyond that, tourism is the mainstay of the Egyptian economy, and the security precautions the Egyptian government has put in place to protect tourists for the last five years are impressive.

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Despite the unrest experienced in some parts of Egypt in January and February 2011 and more recently, Egypt is opening its doors again and welcoming tourists with open arms.  I feel incredibly safe when I am in Egypt. I usually travel alone but I am met before Immigration by my Egyptian Tour Manager and I am escorted by someone wherever I go – not because it isn’t safe for me, but because they like to ensure that I am well taken care of.   They extend this service to our tour guests as well. 

Spiritual Egypt Tours Girls in Abydos TempleThe Egyptians I have met are overwhelmingly kind, caring, considerate and polite. Both the men and the women are totally open hearted and generous with their time, attention and concern and they have incredibly huge hearts and have a fabulous sense of humour!

I’m in Egypt as often as I am able and live there for up to 2 months at a time mixing with the locals, shopping where they shop and socialising with my friends.  Quest Travel, our tour operators in Egypt, takes the security of their guests very seriously and has been doing so for over 25 years.

The Media has had a field day exploiting the vulnerable aspects of political Egypt and the world has effectively placed an economic embargo on Egypt making it very hard for Egyptians with tourism numbers having dropped by 97%. A huge sector of the community relies in some way on tourism for their income whether directly or indirectly.  As a result, millions of Egyptians have been experiencing extreme poverty.  Currently there is no welfare system in place, so the people have to survive as best they can. 

Bringing people back to Egypt is vital to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.  Egypt is the centre of the planet and is the energy centre of the planet so we owe it to ourselves to help this area recover because once they do, the energy will spread around the planet bringing us back to a better place.

I’ve been often asked about the political situation in Egypt.  For me, there was a vast difference between Egypt post Revolution 1 and Egypt post-revolution 2. Post Revolution 1 in 2011 the change was dramatic and not in a good way for the people but it moved the status quo from where it had been for decades. The Egyptians now refer to period as “The Gap”.

Now post Revolution 2 everyone feels as though they are finally moving in the right direction. Small businesses are popping up all over the place which is going to be good for employment and business people are doing everything they can to get the economy growing and opportunities happening.  Small coffee shops are popping up everywhere and like them or hate them, tuk tuks are everywhere on the crowded streets.  Each one of these little vehicles represents a small business being operated by entrepreneurial young Egyptians.  The majority of Egyptians are behind their elected leader El Sisi, and the majority want to work together to help lift the country up to what it was back before previous leaders came to power. 

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There is a lot of new construction, lots of development and a positive and optimistic vibe throughout the country. I love being there because despite everything they have gone through, they have this enormous hope and belief in the future and it is infectious – you can’t help but be affected by it.

If seeing Egypt has always been your dream, this is a good time to turn the dream into reality and a spiritual tour of Egypt is the best way to truly connect with the energy that is Egypt. 

Egypt sits in the cradle of civilisation and the Giza Plateau, where the last remaining wonder of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, the Great Pyramid stands tall and mighty, sits at the intersection of the 30th Parallel and the 30th Meridan making it the centre of the entire land mass of the world.   The world is watching the birth of a new democracy and its effects will ripple around the world changing the thinking of many. 

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Egypt needs the travellers of the world to return because tourism is one of the mainstay industries for the country.   By visiting the country right now we can assist the Egyptians to create their new democratic country and be part of the rebuilding of this great land.    By visiting Egypt and spending our tourist money with the shop keepers, tour operators, street vendors, hotels and restaurants we are contributing to Egyptian families and enabling bread winners for the family to be employed.  

Come and join Spiritual Egypt Tours on our fabulous private access spiritual tours of Egypt and discover the Egypt that we know and love. 

Egypt is waiting to welcome you

Tourism in Egypt

Tourism is the life blood of Egypt and right now tourists of the world need to unite and help Egypt to kick start that life force.   Egypt is more than a bunch of dusty artefacts and ruins for the tourists to capture with their cameras.   Egypt is a living breathing life force that whispers to your Soul.  Ask anyone who has been there and they will have difficulty finding the words to describe the feelings they have about their visit through Egypt.  But many who visit want to go back and thousands do return year after year to recapture that magic that comes alive within them as they explore the ancient sites.   But it is the Egyptian people that make the experience in Egypt come alive., together with Quest Travel in Egypt, is launching the Journey of a Lifetime Spiritual Tours of Egypt.  Spend 18 days exploring the archaeology and spiritual heritage of Ancient Egypt through the eyes of expert Egyptologists and Guides. Along the way rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit and discover your own inner magic through lectures, meditations and ancient healing techniques with your hostess – International Astrologer, Medium and Executive Success Coach, NLP Trainer and Hypnotherapist, Rhonnda Fritz. 

Spend 6 of those days sailing the Nile on your own private luxury traditional yacht known as a dhahabeya.  Discover an Egypt that many tourists do not see as you explore the sites at times when there are no other tourists around other than your small group.  Now is exactly the right time for you to take a trip to Egypt. 

The Egyptians are celebrating their freedom and moving towards a new democratic government and are wanting to share their excitement with the rest of the world.  Be part of this monumental time in the history of modern Egypt.  Book on one of our Journey of a Lifetime Spiritual Tours of Egypt and you will experience the journey of a lifetime.  Discover the magic that is Egypt by taking a tour with us. Bookings are now open and are filling fast. 

Egypt is waiting to welcome you!! 

  Video interview from the New York Times with Mr Mohamed Nazmy from Quest Travel in Giza Egypt in 2011 just after the riots in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.  The video describes the state of Tourism in Egypt since the Riots in Egypt and why the tourists of the world need to return to Egypt once again.

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