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 Extend Your Tour of Egypt and Explore the Lush Siwa Oasis

There is more to Egypt than the temples, pyramids and tombs from the Pharaonic period that most tourists see on their tour of Egypt.   Egypt has many beautiful lush Oases and haunting sand dunes in the desert.   Siwa is one of those lush Oases and with its remoteness and unique Berber culture it is a perfect addition to your tour of Egypt.   There is usuallya Siwa Oasis Safari Optional Tour available to our guests immediately before each of our tours of Egypt.    

Day 1 Cairo/Mersa Matrhouh/Siwa Oasis

We have an early breakfast this morning before we drive to Mersa Matrhouh which is locatated on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea for lunch at a seaside resort. After lunch we continue driving through the barren desert landscape of the Western Desert to Siwa Oasis which is located in South West Egypt. You won’t believe your eyes when you see the lushness of the Siwa Oasis. Explore the Fort at Siwa Oasis on your tour to Egypt

Here you will discover mineral springs, salt lakes and endless olive and date palm groves. There are about 70,000 olive trees and 300,000 date palms in Siwa. The number springs in Siwa Oasis is around 1,000. The depression of Siwa is some 82 square kilometres. It’s breadth averages between 9 kilometres to 28 kilometres.

On arrival we check into our hotel the Siwa Shali Resort which will be our base for the next few days.   (Breakfast, Dinner)

Day 2 – Siwa Oasis / Oracle of Ammun 

Oracle of Ammun Siwa Oasis

Oracle of Ammun Siwa Oasis

This morning we rise early again to visit the Oracle Temple of Ammun. In 331bce, Alexander the Great came to consult the Oracle of Ammun. He was told that he would become the master of the world and that he was the son of the God Ammun. Alexander did of course go on to conquer the known world. This is why Alexander is represented on Hellenistic coins with the ram’s horns of the God Ammun.

 We will watch the birth of the Sun as it rises over the lake and we will consult the Oracle of old. There is a great view of the Lake and unforgettable moments will be enjoyed in this very special place. We will be back at our Hotel in time for breakfast. The day is mostly at leisure and an opportunity to pamper yourself with a massage at the Day Spa or to laze around the pool.

This afternoon during your magial spiritual tour of Egypt, we watch the Sunset from the beautiful high sand dunes close to Dakrour.  This is always a wonderful time to reconnect with your inner self. (Breakfast, Dinner)

Day 3 – Old City of Siwa Aughum and Ancient Sites Within Siwa Oasis

We visit the old city of Siwa Aughumi and enjoy living this primitive life before continuing to explore this beautiful Oasis including the Shali Fortress which dominates the town centre and the Siwa House Museum. We will also visit the Siwa Market where you can buy highly prized hand crafted silver jewellery and local artefacts. We will enjoy our afternoon tea under the palm trees next to Siwa Lake and watch the Sun as it sets over the Lake. We will then enjoy more of the Siwain Food during our dinner back at our hotel. (Breakfast, Dinner) 

Salt Lake Siwa Oasis

Salt Lake Siwa Oasis

Day 4 – Siwa Oasis/Mersa Matrhouh/Cairo

Following breakfast we drive back through the Western Desert to Mersa Matrhouh for lunch and then on to Cairo where we check into the luxury 5 star Mena House Hotel. The Mena House is located right next door to the pyramids in Giza and is one of the most spectacular hotels of the world.    (Breakfast, Lunch)

Mena House Hotel a fabulous place to stay during your tour to Egypt

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