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Rhonnda Fritz Your Tour Leader and Life Coach

Rhonnda Fritz Your Tour Leader and Life Coach. Do You Want to Change Your Life? I Can Help. Ask Me How…..

Hello, I’m Rhonnda Fritz from The Coaching Muse, Egypt Holidays and Spiritual Egypt Tours.  I would like to invite you to join me on your own Journey to Awakening through Egypt during our spiritual tours to Egypt.   The Coaching Muse is about Inspiring, Transforming and Empowering people to achieve Success in every area of their life.

To that end, I have partnered with Mohamed Nazmy of Quest Travel in Egypt to bring you this fabulous opportunity.  Quest Travel has won many awards and are the best ground tour operators in Egypt specializing in private, metaphysical and spiritual tours to Egypt treating their guests like treasured pharaohs.  Together we have organized a journey of a lifetime just for you to enjoy.  We have designed the absolute best luxury spiritual tours to Egypt.

Since ancient times, Egypt has held mystery and magic for millions of people all over the world.   When you come on this journey of a lifetime, you will discover the secrets held within the ancient temples and tombs for yourself.  Once you visit Egypt, the energy of Ancient Egypt reaches out and whispers to your soul awakening all the power that has been sleeping within you. 

Come and join me on this Journey to Awakening Tour and spend 19 fabulous days exploring Egypt and your inner self.   Your Quest Travel Egyptologists and Guides are well versed in not only the history and archaeology of Egypt, but also the spiritual and ritual history, as well as the mysteries that Egypt is famous for. 

You will be pampered with 5 star luxury all the way on our spiritual tour to Egypt and you will discover Ancient Egypt with private access visits to many of the sites we visit.  We even visit some sites that tourists don’t normally get to see. You will discover the real Egypt of today by doing things along your journey that many people who visit Egypt never experience.   Once you land in Egypt, just about everything is included in your tour price and you will be well taken care of.  

Myths and legends will be explored and, more importantly, experienced!  Discover ancient and miraculous powers to heal the body, clear away emotional baggage, enlighten your mind and open yourself to exploring new ways of thinking , increase your creativity, discover how to create your future and awaken the soul to knowing its true destiny in life and so much more.  All this while you are enjoying the holiday of a lifetime. You will be having so much fun that you won’t even notice the changes that are occurring within you!

As you journey through the ancient sites you will be invited to join in meditations and other ancient rituals all designed to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.  The choice to take part in these of course will be yours to make.   If you choose not to take part, there is plenty to see and do at the sites while the group is otherwise engaged and one of our guides will take care of you.   You will never run out of photo and video opportunities on this tour.  Actually, if you are a keen photographer you can guarantee some amazing photos as we visit some of the sites at sunrise and sunset.  Plus the sunsets on the Nile River have to been seen to be believed!!

You will be cruising the Nile on a modern dhahabeya that has been built in the traditional style of the sail boats that have sailed the Nile for thousands of years.  The Afandina has been built with luxury and comfort in mind and it will be your home for 8 days.   There are 3 decks with many places to chill out and relax including a large reception room complete with all the modern technology to keep you entertained including internet access for an additional fee. 

There are 8 luxurious double or twin cabins complete with ensuite.  Once you have unpacked, your luggage is stowed elsewhere on the dhahabeya  giving you room to enjoy your cabin when you want some time out away from the group – although, you will find many chill out spots on the boat where you can laze back in comfortable couches and feel the Nile River lulling you into a state of total relaxation hearing only the wind in the sails the waters of the Nile lapping against the hull of the Afandina. 

The beds have been borrowed from the clouds as has the beautiful and luxurious Egyptian cotton bed linen.  There is a chef on board who serves delectable fresh organic food that is sourced from local farmers along the Nile.  There is almost a one to one ratio of staff to guests to take care of your every need.  You will feel like a modern day Cleopatra or Julius Caesar as you sail the Nile River being pampered just as they were. 

You can also take a 4 day safari to the Siwa Oasis which is deep in Egypt’s Western Desert.  There is more to see in Egypt than the pyramids, the sphinx, the temples and tombs; Egypt also has an emerging eco tourism industry that takes in the natural beauty of Egypt that can be found in remote Oases and in the desert.  But don’t think backpacking when it comes to the accommodation because the resorts in Siwa are designed to rejuvenate your Mind Body & Spirit so come equipped with everything you need. 

Siwa is home to the Berber tribes of Egypt.  They date their civilisation in this area back as far as at least 10,000 millennium BCE.   In the 7th century BCE they had contact with the Greeks and in particular with Alexander the Great who came to Siwa to consult the Oracle of Ammun which is located in a temple in the Siwa Oasis.  The area is rich in agriculture and is known for its cultivation of dates and olives.  Siwa is also famous for silver jewellery and rich embroidery.  

On the way back to Cairo from Siwa we will stop off at Mersa Matrhouh a resort town on the Mediterranean Sea.  The colour of the water here is breath taking and it has some of the whitest sand beaches in the world.

Join me on this Journey to Awakening Tour and spend 17 days discovering the wonders of Ancient and Modern Day Egypt in a way that most tourists don’t get the opportunity to experience.  Feel the energy of Egypt energising and rejuvenating your mind, body and spirit.  Share laughter and experiences with new friends and most of all just relax and create memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life.”

I look forward to travelling with you through Egypt for your next Egypt Holiday.

Rhonnda Fritz  http://spiritualegypttours.com   http://www.thecoachingmuse.com.au  http://www.holidaysegypt.com.au


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  1. Wendy

    Cant Wait!!!!!! My best friend and I are coming!!!!

    If anyone has ever thought about seeing Egypt and experiencing the true Egypt, this is the tour to go on!!! I have known Rhonnda for a few years, she is an extremely amazing, caring and nurturing person.
    Can you imagine, experiencing some of the itesof Egypt in private, rather than surrounded by hordes people!!!!! And doing it in 5 star style! Cruising on the Nile aboard an Egyptian Dahabeya, resting, relaxing and experiencing everything the Quest Travel in Egypt and Rhonnda have to to offer.
    As this will be my first time overseas, to a place that I have always wanted to go, but never thought I would, well guess what, I’m doing it!! So to all those people that have felt like me, that it would only ever be a dream, come on this tour, this is something most of us will only do once in a lifetime!!!! I dont think any of us will be disappointed, its not in Rhonnda’s vocabulary.

  2. Tracy Shigo

    Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. This is a good artile post with a lot of information, great content!

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