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 Meet our Tour Leaders & Guides For Your Spiritual Tour to Egypt

Rhonnda Fritz

Rhonnda Fritz Your Tour Leader and Life Coach

Rhonnda Fritz is a modern day Muse who, for over 17 years, has been totally dedicated to transforming and empowering people to discover and celebrate their inner magnificence and personal power.   She is a highly effective communicator and speaker and knows how to create success.   She is a highly sought after Executive and Personal Success Coach who has the philosophy that all people have an inner desire to be the best they can possibly be and that they create what they want in life as they go along.  Unfortunately what they want is not always what they get, so Rhonnda teaches them how to read the signposts of life and to create exactly what they want in their life.  She has inspired many around the world to increase their productivity and income, enhance their career prospects, be more successful communicators, set and achieve their desired goals, improve their health and fitness, and has helped many to overcome personal emotional blockages and limiting decisions that prevent them from living the kind of life they want.

There are many powerful and transformative coaches in the world but what sets Rhonnda apart is that she is also a successful professional astrologer. But even as an astrologer she thinks differently to many others.  Rather than predicting the future for people, Rhonnda prefers to show people how they can overcome adversity and restriction to create their future in exactly the way they want.  She does this by helping her clients and students to clear up their emotional baggage, teaching them how to set clearly defined goals and aspirations for the future and how to focus their attention on what they want rather than what they fear.  She also assists them to use their birthchart blueprint to enhance their prospects.  She is one of Australia’s leading academic financial astrologers and tends to leave the prediction side of astrology to predicting the direction of the markets.

In 2005, Rhonnda met Mohamed Nazmy of Quest Travel Tours in Egypt when she travelled to Egypt for the first time on a Quest Travel Tour.   During her journey through Egypt she not only discovered that she has strong links to Ancient Egypt but she also had a life changing experience.   Three years later during one of her trainings, she began to develop an idea of taking a group of people to Egypt, sharing the spirituality, magic and mystery of ancient Egypt with them and along the way giving them an opportunity to transform their life.    To bring this vision to fruition she needed the expertise of her good friend Mohamed Nazmy and his team of expert Egyptologists and Guides.   Rhonnda and Mohamed got together for a meeting early in 2010 in Cairo and The Journey to Awakening Program came into being and Spiritual Egypt Tours was launched providing unique luxury spiritual tours to Egypt that are not only memorable and magical but also designed to assist people to change their life in the way that they desire all while they are having a wonderful holiday .   The rest as they say is History.

Mohamed Nazmy

Mohamed Nazmy President Quest Travel Egypt

Mohamed Nazmy is the President of Quest Travel in Cairo and is a man with a vision.    Out of sincere love for Egypt and a desire to share his country with others, Mohamed opened his own tour company, Quest Travel in 1996.  His years of strong relationship building within the tourism industry gave Mohamed a head start when he opened his new company as did his expertise in languages, hotel management and business administration.  He has over 25 years experience promoting tourism in Egypt.  Mohamed’s philosophy in life is to bring love, peace, light and unity to all people in all countries through outstanding experiences in Egypt.

“I don’t want my guests to only see Egypt with their eyes.  I don’t want them to be herded around with cameras like we see on other tours.  I want them to taste Egypt with all their senses, to feel Egypt with their souls, to be part of its magical past as well as its present, and to experience the Nile as it should be experienced with an open heart.  I have travelled in many countries of the world and have seen many of their wonders.  But, there is nothing that compares to Egypt.  The last of the seven wonders of the ancient world is still here, the Great Pyramid and the Nile still retains its mystery and magic.  I want my guests to experience all this in the best possible way.”  (Mohamed  Nazmy)

To this end he built the beautiful “Afandina” – a luxury yacht in the style of the traditional dhahabeyas that have sailed the Nile for thousands of years.   The Afandina is powered by the desert winds and gives her passengers the opportunity to sail leisurely along the Nile with only the sound of water lapping on the hull and the sound of the wind filling her tall sails as they approach the ancient temples like in the olden days.   The Afandina is his way as a tour operator to combat the growing pollution on the mighty Nile River from the many cruise boats that carry thousands of visitors up the Nile each year.

Tourism is the life blood of modern day Egypt.  Mohamed and his team at Quest Travel go that extra mile to ensure that their guests have a journey that is culturally, intellectually and spiritually enriching and rewarding.  “I want for my guests an experience of Egypt that is both exotic, sensual and intellectual that they will always remember with joy.” (Mohamed Nazmy)

Mohamed & Rhonnda Itinerary Pic