The Mena House Hotel – Day 1 – Spiritual Tour to Egypt – The Egypt Travel Journal of Carla & John Part 6

I awoke to sunlight pouring in through the open curtains on my first day in Egypt and as my eyes adjusted to the light, they opened wide in wonderment.   There through the window loomed the great pyramid of Giza.  I sat up and squealled with delight.  I then realised John was standing watching me with an extremely satisfied grin.   It was clear that he had planned that extroardinary awakening just for me.

I couldn’t wait to get out of bed and begin our adventure.   We were to meet up with the rest of our group in the evening so we had a whole day to enjoy the 40 acres of gardens around the Mena House Hotel.

The hotel is simply breathtaking and gorgeous.  It is decorated in opulent middle eastern style with crystal chandaliers, richly coloured carpets, beautifully carved furniture, marble everywhere and the most beautiful floral arrangements on every available surface.  The gardens are lush and well manicured and the swimming pool was way too inviting for me to resist.   John was very tempted to check out the Mena House golf course but he resisted and spent the day with me instead.

 That night we joined up with the rest of our tour group.  There were 16 of us in all and they seemed like an interesting group of people.   Meeting our tour guides was very exciting.  They were really friendly and appeared to have a great sense of humour.  The trip that they outlined to us had me almost jumping through my skin with anticipation particularly when they talked about some of the spiritual aspects of the tour.  I noticed that at that point John kind of tuned out.  I know it really isn’t his kind of thing but even though I’ve spent a lot of time reading and meditating and tapping into my spirituality, what the guides were describing was something very different to what I was imagining a spiritual tour would be.  We were going to be experiencing the spirituality of ancient Egypt and that was completely new to me.  We spent a few hours getting to know our new friends over dinner at the Mena House and I can really feel myself relaxing.  Even John seemed to be at last in holiday mode.

So tomorrow we are off to Dashur and Sakkara to visit the pyramids of the old Kingdom from around 2630 BC.

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