The Secrets Hidden in the Pyramids of Egypt

The Pyramids of Egypt stand in the sands of Giza with no known purpose for being there.   The accepted theory is that they were tombs for dead pharaohs but there has been no real evidence ever found to support that.    What secrets are the pyramids of Egypt still hiding?  What was their true purpose and what role did they play in the lives of the ancient Egyptians?  Did the ancient Egyptians possess technology that is far superior than anything we currently have?

This video raises a lot of questions and pieces together a lot of images that we see carved on the walls of the tombs and temples throughout Egypt.   Could it be possible that we could learn something new if we let go of our pre conceived ideas surrounding these mighty monuments?   Could it be that Nicola Tesla knew more about the pyramids of Egypt than he was given credit for?

Take a look at the video and allow your inner voice to make the connections to the ancient Egytians and then why not come to Egypt and discover the energy for yourself that still exists within these incredible structures known as the pyramids of Egypt.  You will explore the pyramids of Egypt when they are closed to the general public and will explore both the Kings Chamber and the Queens Chamber – a chamber of the pyramids of Egypt that you will only see on a tour to Egypt such as the one being offered by Spiritual Egypt Tours.

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