Tour Itineraries

Spiritual Egypt Tours currently has 2 exciting tours to Egypt currently open for bookings.   This is absolutely the best time to be taking a tour of Egypt because tourist numbers are down and the Egyptian people are welcoming tourists with open arms.  

The main concern for tourists appears to be concern about their safety while travelling in Egypt.   Tourism is the life blood of Egypt and everything is done to ensure the safety of tourists while travelling in Egypt.   Life has returned to normal in Egypt and in fact, Egypt is actually more safe today than it was under the former administration. In addition to this, our tours are operated in Egypt by Quest Travel who have won numerous awards for tourism in Egypt.  They also have a proven track record for taking the utmost care of their guests.      

The best way to experience Ancient Egypt is on a private access tour where you visit the sites at times when they are either closed to the general public or you visit the sites at times when other large tour groups are at other locations.  This allows you to tap into the spiritual heritage of Egypt that is still very much alive within the energy in the sites which you can really only gain the full benefit when small groups are at the site.  

Visiting Egypt can be a deeply spiritual experience for many people and here at Spiritual Egypt Tours we specialise in spiritual tours to Egypt.  Not only do our expert Egyptologists and guides show you the magic and mystery that is Ancient Egypt but they also assist you to tap into your own spirituality so that you can effectively use the energy of the sites to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit and to discover a new part of yourself.    

You will also be travelling with an expert international Life and Success Coach and international astrologer who specialises in financial and business astrology as well as psychological astrology.  Rhonnda Fritz has assisted many people all over the world to tap into their passion to create the lives they want and to eliminate the baggage that holds them back from being the best they can be.  

What better way to rejuvenate yourself and your life than to take a trip to Egypt, a trip into the past and in doing so discover new ways of feeling and thinking all while you are having fun, relaxing and having the holiday of a lifetime.  

Book one of our current itineraries or talk to us about designing a tour of Egypt for your own group of 12 or more people that caters to your specific requirements.   Egypt is the perfect destination for conference groups, corporate events and for friends travelling together for leisure and pleasure.  Talk to us to today.

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