Travel to Siwa Oasis During a Spiritual Tour of Egypt With Spiritual Egypt Tours

Travel to Siwa Oasis in September 2013 as part of the Spiritual Egypt Tours Journey to Awaking Spiritual Tour of Egypt and explore places that are not on the usual itineraries for spiritual tours of Egypt.

On our Journey to Awakening Spiritual Tour of Egypt in September 2013, we will be taking you on a 3 day safari to magical Siwa Oasis. This is a must see place to see in Egypt and is not one of the usual haunts of tourists. Check out the video below and take a virtual tour through Siwa Oasis and then click on the link to discover what else you will be doing and experiencing on this fabulous 19 day spiritual tour of Egypt. This spiritual tour of Egypt is more than just a tour of the sites – it is also a Spiritual Retreat where you will be given the opportunity to rejuvenate your mind body and spirit as your visit the temples and tombs of Egypt often at times when they are closed to the public.

To find out more about the safari to Siwa Oasis and also the rest of the Journey to Awakening Spiritual Tour of Egypt in September 2013.