Visiting Luxor and the Luxor Temple

Luxor,  is a modern thriving city in the middle of the tourist belt of Egypt.   In ancient times it was known as Thebes and was the ancient capital of Egypt.  Today, it is one of the most visited cities in Egypt because of the vast number of sites tourists can visit in the surrounding area. Luxor has a history that is as old as the country itself. It has been home to countless pharaohs and judging by the sheer number of surviving artifacts, temples and architecture, it has been one of the most powerful cities in the history of the world. These days the city of Luxor is known as the world’s largest open air museum.

One of the best sites that anyone can visit is the famous Luxor Temple.   The entire temple is about 260 meters tall and is filled with statues of Ramses II.  There are many areas within the temple that are worth a look and following are some of the things to discover there.

The Luxor Temple Colonnades – with 14 massive columns containing papyrus shaped capitals towering around 60 feet tall and 33 feet in circumference each, the colonnades are arguably some of the most  impressive things to see in this amazing temple. These columns have been present ever since the time of Amenophis III. This area contains some reliefs of the Festival of Opet as well as decorations of the child king Tutankhamen and Horemheb.

2. Courtyard of Rameses II – containing a peristyle of about 74 papyrus columns arranged neatly in a double row and decorated with 16 statues of Ramses II. The entire courtyard also includes a chapel on the northern side that is dedicated to the god Amun.

3. Abu El Haggag Mosque – on the east side of the Luxor Temple is the Mosque of Abu El-Haggag. Within the Rameses II courtyard was a Byzantine Church built during the 6th century however it was destroyed and rebuilt into a mosque during the reign of the Ayyubid sultans in the 13th century AD.  It can be clearly see that the Mosque was built during a period when the Luxor Temple was buried by sand because of where it is located.

There is so much to see at the Luxor Temple and the sound and light show shouldn’t be missed because visiting the Luxor Temple at night is a very special experience.

Visiting the exciting and amazing city of Luxor shouldn’t be missed. The Luxor temple is usually visited on Luxor Day Tours and is one of the many highlights of the Luxor visit by Spiritual Egypt Tours.

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