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Spiritual Egypt Tours Group at Abu Simbel

 All While You are Enjoying a Fabulous Holiday
Creating Memories to Last a Lifetime!

Rhonnda Fritz CEO of The Coaching Muse and Spiritual Egypt Tours – Your Tour Life Coach and Mentor

” Spiritual tours of Egypt are truly memorable inspiring. I am often asked by people why doing a spiritual tour of Egypt gives you a better experience of being in Egypt than an ordinary tour of Egypt.  They also ask why doing a spiritual tour of Egypt with Spiritual Egypt Tours is different to all the other spiritual tours of Egypt in the marketplace.  

Our spiritual tours of Egypt are more expensive than most other spiritual tours of Egypt and longer in duration. But what sets our spiritual tours apart from the rest, is the number of exclusive private visits we include in each tour. 

We also include as a bonus our Journey to Awakening Program.  This is a program of personal one-on-one life coaching and counselling plus workshops and seminars.  You also have the option to work with me for 12 months at no additional cost after you return from Egypt. 

A Couple of Questions For You To Ask Yourself…

  • Spiritual Egypt Tours Imagine a 5 Star Holiday You Never Forget

    How’s your life right now?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by your job, your family, your relationships or any other aspect of your life?
  • Are your fears standing in the way of positive change?
  • Do you lack self-esteem or confidence or maybe both?
  • Spiritual Egypt Tours Invest in Memories Not Dreams

    Do you already have business or personal success but still feel that something is missing?

  • Are you unsure of what you are doing here?
  • Do you know what your life purpose is and does you life have meaning or is it lacking that special something?
  • Do you have goals that you want to achieve but don’t know how to make them happen?
Spiritual Egyp Tours Ann Getting Certificate 2014
  • Are you a high achiever and want to keep excelling beyond where you are right now to a level beyond where you dreamed possible?
  • Do you have excess emotional baggage from the past that is holding you back that you want to get rid of?
  • Do you just want “more” even if you don’t know what it is you want or are missing?

If You Answered YES to Some or All of These Questions Then You are Certainly Ready to Experience Some Massive Transformation!

Spiritual Tours of Egypt It Could Be the Turning Point of Your Success

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Spiritual Tour of Egypt

Egypt is a country that is on the bucket list for places to visit for many people all over the world.   Some people have a connection to the pyramids, the sphinx, the temples (and lets not forget the Mummies) that has been with them since childhood. 

Spiritual Egypt Tours Pyramids from desert

Others just want to see the pyramids because they are the last remaining of the original 7 wonders of the world and because Egypt is an exotic country to visit.   Others hear the spiritual calling of Ancient Egypt and are drawn back to reconnect with their spiritual roots.  Egypt holds mystique for all. 

For the lucky people that flock to Egypt every year, many discover that there is so much more to Egypt than what they see in the travel brochures.   Egypt is a country where you not only explore the sites but because of the way the ancients built the temples, tombs and pyramids, you truly “experience” the energy of Egypt.  For many who visit something occurs within them – something that can be very subtle or a tidal wave of experience that envelops them and changes their thinking forever. 

 Spiritual Tours of Egypt Group at Hatshepsut Temple

I have met several people who have travelled to Egypt on non spiritual package tours with reputable companies who have had what they considered were strange experiences while in the sites.  These experiences really freaked them out because they didn’t understand what had happened or why.   

Things tend to happen in the temples and tombs and you never know when and how or to whom it is going to happen and it can be a very unsettling experience if you are not with someone who is experienced to handle any situation as it arises.  

Spiritual Egypt Tours Group in Kings Chamber Great Pyramid Giza 

When you go on a spiritual tour of Egypt with highly experienced spiritual tour leaders you are generally with people who know about these things and you are more protected and supported when these things happen.  Spiritual tours allow you to truly connect with the essence of ancient Egypt and the energy that still remains in the temples and tombs.

Expert Egyptologists and Guides Bring Egypt Alive
on our Spiritual Tours of Egypt

Spiritual Egypt Tours Experienced Egyptologists and GuidesAt Spiritual Egypt Tours we only work with the best Egyptologists and metaphysical guides and we have a great deal of experience with dealing with ”strange” things that happen in the sites.  

We know how to use the experiences to move you forward on your spiritual journey or life pathway in a non threatening and grounded manner so that every encounter becomes an inspiring and uplifting experience that transforms you, often for the rest of your life.

When I first went to Egypt over 10 years ago, I didn’t know I had a strong connection to Egypt.  For me it was about ticking seeing the pyramids off my bucket list.  At that stage of my life I was strongly connected to the Mayan cosmology of the Yucatan in Mexico. 

Spiritual Egypt Tours Creates Miraculous Experiences

Rhonnda Fritz at Sakkara Dec 2005Something miraculous happened to me on that trip to Egypt. My life changed and my skills as a coach and mentor were catapulted into the stratosphere.  I embarked on a serious program of additional formal study and up skilling upon my return from Egypt.  

But not only was I increasing my formal knowledge of the power of the mind, I also found that I was using skills that I didn’t know I had or where they came from when I was working with my clients. 

This was seriously unsettling for me until I gained more experience from being in Egypt and learned more about the amazing skills the ancient Egyptians had for understanding and using the power of the mind. 

These days I just take it all in my stride as each new layer is revealed to me and I judge the effectiveness of the knowledge I’ve gained by the success my clients, retreat guests and students create in their life.”  (Rhonnda Fritz CEO of The Coaching Muse and Spiritual Egypt Tours)

Spiritual Egypt Tours Learn More About Rhonnda Fritz

Watch the video below and listen to what one of our guests who has done the Journey of a Lifetime Spiritual Tour of Egypt with us twice had to say about the experience he and his wife had with us.

Click Here to check out what other guests have had to say about the Journey of a Lifetime Spiritual Tour of Egypt.

Spiritual Tours of Egypt What our Previous Guests Have to Saw About out Spiritual Tours of Egypt

The Journey of a Lifetime Spiritual Tour of Egypt is 17 or 18 fabulous days of fun, adventure and personal transformation with international success coach Rhonnda Fritz.   For over 17 years, Rhonnda has been assisting people all over the world to rediscover their magnificence and to recreate their lives with new levels of peak performance, love, fulfilment, abundance and joy.

These 17 or 18 day adventures will take you on a voyage of self discovery.  They are a voyage into your past, your present and your future.   They are an adventure where you will not only have the holiday of a lifetime exploring the pyramids, sphinxes, temples, tombs, oases and culture of Egypt….

But You Will Also Experience…

  • Ancient Egyptian spiritual rituals and meditations while you are visiting many of the sites exclusively and privately when they are closed to the general public;
  • A powerful workshop that is designed to empower and transform your thinking with International Life Coach, NLP Trainer, Master Trainer of Time Line TherapyTM , Trainer of Hypnotherapy, Professional Consulting Astrologer, Trance Channel Medium and Author, Rhonnda Fritz
Spiritual Egypt Tours One on One Coaching at Dawn
  • One-on-one coaching sessions to address specific issues you want to clear up in your life;
  • In depth information about your astrological blue print and how to use it to enhance your life;
  • Exercises and ancient healing techniques to rejuvenate your mind body and spirit as well as clear away any excess baggage that is preventing you from living the life you desire;
Spiritual Egypt Tours Lecture on Using Essential Oils in Giza
  • Lectures from Egyptian spiritual specialists on Healing With Essential Oils, the Meaning of Dreams, the Power of the Chakra System and What the Ancient Egyptians Knew About Metaphysics and Spirituality;
  • Insights from our Egyptian Egyptologist about the magic & mystery of Ancient Egypt together with the latest information about the archaeology and history of the sites we visit;
  • Plus so much more!

Along the journey you will discover how to create powerful goals for your future.   You will discover who you really are and why you behave the way you do through the ancient art and science of Astrology.  Plus you will learn simple techniques to help you understand not only yourself but those around you.

Now you could do this by attending a personal development training in a stuffy classroom or even in the ballroom of a luxury hotel back home and gain some great results.  However it is a well known observation that the best and easiest way to experience a major transformation is by travelling to exotic locations that take you outside the comfort zone of where you live.

Spiritual Egypt Tours Group at Philae Temple

While you explore new cultures and experiences, you are completely open to new experiences and without realising it, your awareness and knowledge becomes broader and transformation on many levels takes place.

Do a Spiritual Tour of Egypt That Takes You on
a Voyage of Exciting Personal Discovery

The Journey of a Lifetime Spiritual Tour of Egypt takes you on a voyage of discovery where you experience new cultures and explore ancient sites often when they are closed to the public where you can broaden your life experiences.

This Journey takes place in one of the highest energy places on the planet.   The energy is alive even after thousands of years in the temples and tombs because they were built with exacting skills to create specific energies within each building and aligned to astronomical star systems creating energies and possibilities beyond our imagination in the 21st century.

Spiritual Tours of Egypt Guests CommentsSpiritual Egypt Tours Guest CommentsMany people who visit Egypt want to return again and again and many do so each year including many of our Journey of a Lifetime Spiritual Retreat Tour guests.

When asked why they want to return, many cannot find the words to describe the feeling they have once they have been there.



Somebody said to me “you don’t meditate in Egypt – Egypt meditates in you” and this is why our Journey to Your Awakening Program takes place in Egypt during the Journey of a Lifetime Spiritual Tour.


By the End of the Journey of a Lifetime Spiritual Tour of Egypt….

  • You will feel empowered to achieve everything that you want in your life – easily
  • Spiritual Egypt Tours We all Have Defining MomentsYou will have eliminated baggage and dramas from your past
  • You will have overcome limiting beliefs and limiting decisions that prevented you from creating the life you really want
  • You will have discovered who you really are and your true purpose
  • You will be connected to Spirit in so many new and unexplainable ways
  • You will be inspired to take massive action and will have the tools to do so
  • Spiritual Egypt Tours And This Could Be Your Defining MomentYou will have your own action plan and will have the ability to create exactly what you want
  • You will know how to attract into your life the resources and the people who will assist you to achieve your goals
  • You will know yourself on so many levels
  • You will feel relaxed, empowered and totally connected to your inner self
  • You will feel inspired.

If you learned just one of these skills and applied it to your life you would see massive changes take place.  Imagine how great your life would be if you were more in control of your outcomes and your successes and if you had a strong foundation upon which you could create the life you want in every moment.

Tours of Egypt Harrie Getting Certificate 2014

If you are committed to living an exceptional life that is filled with laughter, happiness, health, wealth and wellbeing, love and success in all areas of your life, then you owe it to yourself to get away from your normal routine for 17 or 18 days to find ways to get the life you want to live.

If you are uncertain about your future and are fed up with relying on chance and accepting the rollercoaster ride that most people accept as life, then this is the Journey for you.

Spiritual Egypt Tours Take a Journey of a Lifetime

If you are unwilling to accept anything less than a magnificent and well lived life, then take the journey of a lifetime to self discovery and join our Journey of a Lifetime Spiritual Tour of Egypt.

All you have to lose is the aspects of your life that aren’t working for you right now and you have everything to gain by being there.  If you have ever dreamed of living a magnificent life where you could look back on it and truly say “I lived my life to the fullest and if you have ever thought about travelling to Egypt to see the majestic pyramids and sail the mighty Nile River, then this is exactly what you are looking for.

Experience Egypt Through Your Heart and Mind
on our Spiritual Tours of Egypt

The Journey of a Lifetime Spiritual Tours of Egypt are designed to be a 5 star luxury retreat where you can rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit and learn new skills to live your life the way you want to on your own terms all while enjoying the holiday of a lifetime.

Spiritual Tours of Egypt Riding Camels at the PyramidsWe still do many of the touristy things like exploring the sites, riding camels, visiting museums and shopping in markets etc.  Spiritual Tours of Egypt Swimming in the Nile River

But we also do things like taking a swim in the clear waters of the Nile River, eating a picnic on the riverbank surrounded by the simplicity of nature. We also visit local villages, sit around a campfire in the middle of nowhere and gaze up at the stars.



Plus we’ve come to expect the unexpected when we are in the temples with spontaneous channelled messages and full on metaphysical encounters.  This often comes as a surprise to our tour guests particularly when it is them who is experiencing this for the first time.

Every tour is different because we are able to be flexible when opportunities arise to do interesting and special things and the Journey to Awakening Program is tailored to suit each group.

Spiritual Egypt Tours Downtown Old Cairo

While many other spiritual tours offer private access to the great pyramid, the Sphinx and the Isis Temple in Aswan, we enjoy private access in many other sites that we visit on our Journey of a Lifetime Spiritual Tour of Egypt. We know how magical being in these sites can be with no-one else around but your small group.

This of course comes at a cost which is one of the reasons why our Journey of a Lifetime spiritual tour of Egypt is more expensive than most.    We also visit sites that are not on the usual tourist route because we want you to connect with the special energy that is Egypt and to connect with the beautiful Egyptian people.

Spiritual Tours of Egypt Don't Just Imagine it

Step out of your Comfort Zone and take the journey of a lifetime.  Now is the time to step out and overcome the blockages in your life.  Now is the time to overcome your fears and now is the time to change your life.

Turn your baggage and your fears into your powerful allies.  The rewards are endless, once you take the first step and what’s more, you deserve this amazing experience.

Above all, you will have felt the magic of Ancient Egypt as it whispered to your soul and opened the portals to your own inner magic all while you were having a magnificent holiday. A holiday where you explored Egypt’s exotic magical sites for 17 or 18 days, laughed with new like-minded friends, relaxed on a luxury dhahabeya for 6 days sailing the Nile River and rejuvenated your mind, body and spirit. Plus you also learned some new life skills to enhance your life back home.

Spiritual Tours of Egypt You Deserve This Experience

You deserve this experience so why not spoil yourself and make this wonderful holiday a reality this year.   We each have defining moments in our life and deciding to join us on our next Journey of a Lifetime Spiritual Tour of Egypt could well be the defining moment in your life!

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